Pictured left to right:
Ms. Neodesah Cannon (Mother of Marcus Cannon), Ms. Sabrena Lee (President of the 21st CCLC High School Parent Association and Mother of Doneshia Johnson), Ms. April Wood (Mother of David Lake) supporting Family Fun Day.

Education Support Systems, Inc. believes that parents are the most important persons in the lives of our students and, thus, “Parents become the key” that determine program effectiveness. To this end, ESS has endeavored to intricately involve parents supported by other family units and community members in many aspects of the 21st CCLC program. Parents participate through our Parent Organization, Mentoring Program, Classroom/Program Volunteers and are involved in every event planned for their youth. When parents take an active role in the program, students develop a higher level of appreciation and respect for activities and experiences being offered. With the support of our families, we believe that the majority of students will realize and exceed the goals set for the program.

Ms. Berdie Cannon (Mother of Na'Cier and Na'Key Cannon) and her brother donating water for Family Fun Day!

Ms. April Wood and son, David Lake.

Left to right: Ms. Antowah Mister (Mother of Sa'miir Mister),
Ms. Keysha Hamilton, President of 21st CCLC Middle School Parent Organization and Mother of Keynigejuan Hamilton, and Dr. Carr (CEO of ESS).

Todarius Mumford (far right) with his uncle and younger brother TJ enjoying Family Fun Day!