Global Initatives

Pictured from left to right:
Natalee Irving, Dr. Rutha Smith-Carr (CEO-Education Support Systems, Inc) , and Ms. Joann Burton (St. James High School Staff; Montego Bay, Jamaica).

The Global Initiative began as a collaborative effort between educators from ESS in the USA and St. James High School in Montego Bay, Jamaica: Mr. Joseph Williams (St. James High School Principal/CEO; Montego Bay, Jamaica-pictured in far left frame below, blue tie); Ms. Joanne Burton (St. James High School Staff; Montego Bay, Jamaica-pictured right in left frame).  It has now expanded to include Spot Valley High School in Montego Bay, Jamaica; Ms. Angella Williams, Ass. Principal and Enfield County School in London, England; Ms. Catherine Egleton, Deputy Head Teacher.  Our goal is to expand the horizon of our students beyond their immediate environments and help them to compete successfully with their global counterparts.  To date, the following activities have transpired or are in progress.


ESS 21st CCLC Students (6), Staff (5), Parents (4), and Advisory Council member (1) traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica June 5-9, 2013. Students from Leland High School(USA) and St. James High School (Jamaica) were paired together into 6 groups and discussed similarities and differences centered around the following topics: Sports; Church; Physical Layout of Leland and St. James High Schools; Weekend Activity; Special Events held during the year; and Interviewed St. James High School Principal/CEO, Mr. Joseph Williams. Please click here to see the detailed student reports in the ESS Spring 2013 Newsletter.

Pictured from left to right:
Tadarius Mumford (Leland Student), Keron Marson (Jamacian Student), interviewing Mr. Joseph Williams (St. James High School Principal/CEO; Montego Bay, Jamaica).

While in Jamaica, the ESS Entourage met with Montego Bay Deputy Mayor Troupe-not shown (Mayor G. Harris was away in China on business); visited several school campuses; traveled the Jamaican countryside; enjoyed delicious Jamaican cuisine & excellent hospitality; and climbed Dunns’ River Fall. Everyone enjoyed the trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica—Ya Man!

3 Jamaican students going to class.


Peter Carr IV (ESS Attorney, USA) perusing Jamaican vendors.

Students from both Montego Bay (Jamaica) and Leland (USA).


Pictured from left to right:
Yolanda and Judith, Jamaican best friends who have on really cute watches and would like to pen pal with Leland students.

During school year 2014-15, the students embarked on an exciting educational journey to learn more about each other's cultures and lifesyles. This effort culminated during school year 2015-16 into 3 global books written by our students. These books have been published and are available through Amazon. To order, please go to Merchandise on this website.