About Us

Dr. Rutha Smith-Carr, CEO

The mission of Education Support Systems, Inc. is to provide high quality research-based educational services to schools and students who are struggling academically in under-served and under-financed communities. ESS began in 1989 when Dr. Rutha Smith-Carr operationalized a heartfelt desire to help a segment of our population she realized was being left behind. Most often these were students in communities lacking human and financial resources necessary to supplement the public education provided in these under-served communities. Dr. Carr endeavored to design and implement programs to accelerate the learning process and better prepare students for immediate success in school and everyday living circumstances. These programs, which began as a dream funded by a small municipality in California, have evolved over many years, with scheduled and unscheduled interruptions, into ESS’ current programs.

ESS programs support school districts by providing academic enhancement to students mainly during after school hours but occasionally during the regular school day and on weekends by engaging every segment of the community including, first and foremost, the parents, local municipality, businesses, faithbased organizations, retirees, and other community based agencies. Secondly, ESS realizes that life exists beyond the student’s immediate community and, thus, incorporates a State and National awareness and relevancy. Finally, acknowledging that we live in a global economy which means our students must compete with counterparts outside the United States, ESS incorporates a global component to help students face this challenge with confidence and an informed international perspective.

Our overall arching goal is to help students make academic gains resulting in improvement in regular classroom grades, higher scores on State tests and development of sound character traits, which includes improved behavior and an intense desire to live a fulfilling, productive, and successful life as a world citizen. Every lesson, community project, experience, and activity is designed with our end goal in mind.
Our philosophy is that all students can learn and the majority of them want to learn.

To facilitate this desire in our students, the learning environment must be optimized to nurture their quest for knowledge and intellectual growth. To this end, ESS dedicates its total resources and engages every segment of the community to help ensure a better future for each student and, in so doing, establishes a better community for everyone. We must always remember, “Our children are our future and our most precious and valuable resource!”